An Awful Weekend

I should have known when I woke up last Monday morning and spilled coffee on my keyboard that this would be the worst week ever. From spilled coffee on the keyboard to the blue screen of death on my monitor the next morning. (Something to do with the ATI card in other words the graphic card.) I was shaking my head in disbelief. No, not again. 😦

On top of everything else Thursday afternoon someone was cutting grass and cut the phone wire up the road from my home. So, there was no internet until Saturday. The only bright side to not having the internet for three days, I was able to organize some of my photos and writing folders.

Now I have to read all my emails from Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. But I am not complaining and so far my computer is not acting up.




2 thoughts on “An Awful Weekend

  1. It sort of sounds so trivial when we don’t have a computer or internet access. But I am bereft without all of those modern day necessities.


  2. That indeed was a very bad week. A virtual conspiracy of events enforcing a brief technology vacation. I just had to get a new computer because my old one (8 years old) died. This one doesn’t connect to the internet at my desk – only in my bedroom due to how it conserves battery energy and how the shiny metal case inhibits the antenna. I miss Steve Jobs. And I’m moving my coffee cup off my makeshift bedroom desk!


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