My Writing: One Step Towards My Goal

Okay, I will say this all month long, I have been busy writing my second manuscript that I started in November for NaNoWriMo.  Yes, if anyone guessed it, I decided to try Camp Nano and I am happy to say I reach my goal in finishing  one part of my manuscript, which is shaping up a bit. But the outline still need some work and a lot of editing.


Okay, now here is a sneak peak of my second manuscript Prologue.

One thing I am doing a little different with this story. I am writing it in first person. Not sure if I will keep it in first person or go into third person.

Prologue: Clues To A Forgotten Past (This is my first unedited Draft and Camp Nano project that I finish Tuesday night.) 

I worn a velvet green cloak and stood behind a large crowd in the castle’s great hall, from  here I could hear their voices loud and clear. How I came to be here I did not know. I only knew someone was by my side, from where we stood nobody seemed to notice us, it was as if, we were invisible. But, I could smell the aroma of food and smoke in the large fireplace. I could even see the thrown and the young sandy haired handsome king speaking to his royal subject. A familiar stir form deep inside my stomach. Who was he? I had no idea nor did I know why the five foot five, petite, full figure, blonde haired woman, dress in a royal green gown, that match her eyes, gave me this uneasy feeling. There was also this young teenage boy with the same hair color as the king. I noticed there was no warmth in his eyes nor for the subjects in the room for a moment I felt sorry for the boy.

Something is not right with this scene. I felt a sting my right hand.

“Listen to what they say, Verona,” A tall white haired elderly man said.

His crystal blue eyes made me think of my grandfather.

“I condemn anyone who associate with the Earl of Huntingdon or his family members.” the king said boldly.

He words brought fear and anger to me, why this person was condemning an Earle, as I listened for more clues.

One of his loyal subjects asked, “But why, Sire?”

“Silence, the king has spoken and that was all ya’ll needed to know.” The bearded, dark haired stranger in a black robe said sternly.

I wanted to pull his hair for no reason and this confused me a lot.

“What do you see around that man?” the elderly man asked.

I stared towards him instantly, a dark shadow appeared around him and the blonde woman.

“He is as evil as she is.” I whispered to him and felt pure energy surrounding us.

“You’re correct my dear child.” he said taking my right hand now, “It time you remembered who this young king is or was.”

Was, this is a dream right? I silently thought to myself, as we moved towards front of the great hall, I felt a strong pulled towards the young king, who had to be in his mid-twenties or thirty.

His blue eyes reminded me of someone I once knew but could not think to who. I also felt sadness in them. It was almost as if I could hear someone asking,


I am not her. I silently thought afraid now, as the elderly man held my hand with a firm grip.

“Do not let go my dear.” he said soberly, “You must not deny your destiny.”

“What destiny?” I asked confused, holding my birthstone necklace that had a griffin in the center of it. Before I knew what I was saying, “I have no destiny here.”

“Ah, but you do my dear child.” he said, “Look closely at the teenager and remember what should have been.”

As he said this, I stared towards the boy, who stared back towards me. Unafraid. Almost like he knew I was there.

In an instant I stood in the corner of this empty bedchamber to where a young brunette haired woman, in this long velvet green gown paced by the huge cobblestone window, where the eyes could see beyond the hills and trees.

In her arms a newborn baby boy slept soundly, this brought a sudden urgent of gentleness in me. But, there was something in the way this woman pace from the huge door to the window that made think me, that she was waiting for someone to return. Or time was running out.

“Her love.” a female’s voice answered in the wind that started to blow furiously.

I knew she was right for I felt it in my heart as tears came to my eyes. Where was he? I wondered.

“You will get thy answers you seek soon.” the elderly man said, “But first you must focus on this scene.”

Without saying a word, I watch as a dark presence entered the room, disguised as the blonde woman that I saw earlier.

My eyes narrowed at the tray with a green goblet on it, for some strange reason I knew what was in it. Something was not right about this as I felt a sudden fear come over me now.

“Oh, Queen Guinevere,” the blonde-haired woman said with this sorrow expression, however, there was none in her green eyes. “I have just heard of what has happen to our dear King and his men.”

This brought the brunette woman attention and narrowed her brown eyes almost ready to leap on the other woman; however, she held her child tightly. “What has happen to them?” she asked.”Or should I say what have you done, Morganna?” 


 Now,  I may have some errors in grammar and probably spelling. But this is after all  my first rough draft.




A pink Rose before it turn white. ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

A pink Rose before it turn white.

I just had to post this photo I took the other day of this Rose. Plus, it was a nice afternoon.






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