My Writing: My Day Going In Circle

Ever had one of those days that nothing seemed to be going right?

Well, today I am having one of those days, I was reading over my first manuscript again, for any mistakes I may have missed and realized, one of  my main characters needed to sound more interesting and intriguing. After all this manuscript is about a  family curse.

Here is  the reason why I was reading over it again:

I decided to put my first Seven Chapters on Wattpad just to see if anyone could  give  me feedback  on it.  I am just testing the water, to see how it will do out there in the publishing world. But I won’t keep it on there long if no one notice it. A little nervous about this  but I need to see if it is worth it. 

Oh yes, I am in the having doubts . But that won’t stop me from writing.  I just have to see how it goes.

I am also looking at Writers Cafe but I need to read up on that one before deciding.

Well, I am off to writing and editing again.  And taking photo shots of the evening sky. I have not lately, I forgot to charge my camera’s battery again.


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