My Photo: Icy Friday In Southwest Louisiana

I took these photo shots Friday morning.

ice, frost, winter, cold;

Mid Morning Frost And Ice.TEXT COPYRIGHT©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

I have one thing to say we do not usually get ice in  Southwest Louisiana.  Oh, maybe a few years back.  Well, anyway, I forgot how slippery steps can be.  Here is a photo shot of these steps before one of my family member poured salt on it.

Ice, steps;

Step with cautious or go plunging down all four steps.TEXT COPYRIGHT©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

After the salt was place on the steps I went down the mound my home is on, I thought I would slip on the steps. Oh no, it was not the steps but the ground. Yes, I am saying to all my readers out there I slid down on the ice cover grass. It was not a laughing matter at that time. But I am okay. 

cloud, southwest, Louisiana, winter, day;

Frozen Crawfish Pond

This was taking from inside of my home. I do not venture outside again.


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