My New Year’s Day In Southwest Louisiana

First of all, Happy New Year’s Day. Even though the day looked gloomy and foggy , it was still busy in my home with cooking a big meal.  A Glazed Ham, which I  never seemed to  turn up  right. Maybe next year it will turn out right.  Other than that everything else came out good. I am glad to say I did not have any cooking accident this holiday seasons. I also made my New Year’s Resolution for 2014, which is to write more and think about where I want to be in the next two years.


gloomy, fog, birds, crawfish;

Even though it was a foggy New Year’s Day. This photo shot was worth it. TEXT COPYRIGHT©V.ROSE DEMET ™2013


I took this at noon from the window. The egrets and other birds were eating  their dinner in the crawfish pond. I have two other photos of them which I will post in My Amateur Photos. Well, I hope everyone New Year’s Day was a nice one.


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