My Look Back On 2013

When I looked back on 2013, I realized I have accomplished a few things on my list of to do for the year. Yes, I wrote down a list of goals to get done by a certain month and date  within the year or try to get done.

This year goal was to edit my manuscript again, which I am still doing and write a new manuscript, which I am doing now.

Okay, now for the what I never expected to do or dream of doing on my list.

Making myself a blog and posting some of my writing . I was a bit nervous at first but now I am comfortable with posting my writing and my amateur photo shots. Plus I never would have image writing 50,000 words within a month. I was halfway but it was exciting to do.

I do not know what 2014 will bring for me but I am hoping it will be a nice year.

There is I photo I posted earlier this month. If anyone have not guess I like Roses and these are my Mom’s favorite ones.

roses, summer, flowers,

The air was filled with the smell of beautiful bouquet of roses.


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