My Writing: Late Night Creepy Sounds

Okay, I know one thing when writing a story and not correcting it. It slowed me down in writing my blog. Plus my ideas has come to a halt since November first. But  a new idea for my blog came to me the other night.

It’s call what goes bump in the night or in my case  run scared at every little noises outside late at night. (1:00 a.m.)

Oh yes, I will admit it late one night, Actually, one in the morning. I am dog-sitting a puppy that choose that time to go outside.  We were in the yard after her business was done and she decided she wanted to play, it was when I  heard the creep night sounds coming from the trees a mile away. Could not describe what it was at that time I was too sacred. I grabbed my little four-legged friend and hurried back inside.

With questions like what could it be? I was thinking about it the next morning  when I ventured outside.  Sure enough I heard that sound again. I looked up and saw an owl flying from my oak tree to another tree across the highway. I felt really foolish at that moment.

Well, I was glad it was just an owl.


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