My Halloween Memory

Okay, since it is getting close to Halloween I decided to write about my first Halloween costume, which was not really the best.

I got dragged into going trick or treating with my young little cousins at the last-minute. When I say last-minute it was three minutes before heading out the door.

My little cousins came up with the idea of face paint. I went along with them. Thinking this could be fun, since I was never one to go out trick or treating. It turned out to be fun but…

Oh yes, there is a but, when we came back with candies and after taking pictures of what we had on. I went wash the face paint off I notice ow red and itchy my face became.

This was when I found out that I could not wear face paint. How could I have known this. My first Halloween costume turned out to be the last time I use face paint. But not the last time I went out on Halloween.  Only this time it was to watch a bonfire.

And that is one of my Halloween memory.


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