My Chapter 9 and Ideas

Okay,  I have rewritten do some part and place little notes near part that I find that I will  look over once more. Yes, I know another rough draft. I just hope I do not decide to rewrite this Chapter.

Chapter 9 :Unexpected Visitor (Another title that fit this chapter)

A minute later driving towards her home, Stephanie felt hurt by her behavior with Hawk Millsom. Oh no, she had to be curious to see how his reaction to her teasing which backfire. The thought of his tender kiss made her blush. But the brunette woman crossed her mind again.(For some reason this part needs more details. Oh no, I am thinking of rewriting this part again.)

Well, she will push him aside and focus on her new bookstore Mystic Red Rosé; which open next Monday. She pulled into her driveway; Stephanie choked, at the sight of a black, four door, tinted window truck. She narrowed her brown eyes and turned off her car engine.

Oh, just what I needed to end this miserable night. She glance around for the owner, who is on her side porch’s swing with his hands folded behind his head with no care or worries in the world.

Of course the thirty-five years older did not have to worry, he’ d inherited his late father’s security/ detective agency, at the early age of twenty-one years old. which became the most successful agency in the states and with the local police departments and one of Locksomville most eligible bachelor.

Good evening Stephanie,” he said in a deep southern drawl .

Hello Marcus.” she said, “Or should I say Uncle?’

One moment he is leaning back on the swing, next he jump up making him lose his balance, he grabbed the arm rail of the swing. Stephanie wanted to laugh .

Damn, who told her! He had no plan in telling her until, his latest case is solve. He narrowed his brown eyes towards her now. “Who told you?”

Aunt Josephina.” Waiting for an explanation but none came.

Oh sh**! His aunt usually had reasons for saying things that is kept a secret. He ran his hand into his dark brown hair, “What brought this up?”

My bracelet.” she touch the silver tone gemstone bracelet on her right wrist. “It somewhat slipped out.”

Nothing kinda slip out with Josephina Soulet, unless she wanted  too. His hands became sweaty(Okay, I might reword this part.). 

Stephanie remembered that day. They were discussing the logo design for her business cards when she notice the design resembled her bracelet. So, out of curiosity she asked of her bracelet history.

There are six jewels that dates 1900’s.” Her aunt said, “Why not asks your Uncle Marcus …”

Her aunt’s facial feature went pale as she realized what she just said.

Stephanie questioning her aunt, she filled in a few unanswered question. But the most important one is  Marcus to explain.

What did Aunt Josephina tell you?” he asked calmly.

Oh, I know why Grandmother Margaret Blanchard hated you. “She told me, of six gemstone with the similar design.”Stephanie said unaware of his discomfort now, “ and you have one of them. Is it true?”

Did Aunt Josephina say who had the others?” he said with ignoring her question.

No,” Stephanie said. ” She did say something odd.”

What ?” he asked boldly.

Moon Isle had a battle, in the early 1800’s.”  Alight breeze touch her arms now.

Battle? He never heard of any battle.  “Is this everything Aunt Josephina mention?” 

“My bracelet stone and the others can open secrets.” Eying him, “Know what it means?”

(Oh boy, Now I wonder why the spelling checker is marking eying wrong?  It is going to be one of these early morning hours to start looking over the spelling again.)

Oh he knew want it meant but he would not tell her just yet. “Nope.” he said avoiding her eyes now.

Do not deny the truth! A voice echoed in the night sky. (Okay, I had to delete some part here for now. I need to read over it again.)

 she notice his pale face “Are you okay?” 

Oh, sure.” he said calmly. “Did you go somewhere tonight?”

Yeah, I went to a party .” Unlocking her side door and pass her hand on the light switches. The porch was now bright.

She sat next to her uncle now.

Do I detect  despair? Glancing towards her. “What happen?” he asked calmly.

Alice Millsom gone too far.” 

Hm…, that name sound so familiar?  As memories of her first college semester came to his mind. . “Isn’t she the one who….” Trailing off her eyes glared towards him now. “What did she say to you?”

“She and her sister Helen were bad mouthing mother,” she said boldly, “And I could not take their b.s. anymore.”

 “ Did you say something?

Oh,I just told her off.”

“Sound  interesting.” Oh man, she have her father’s temper.

Right, she is tick off at me.” she said frankly, “Which I do not give a damn.”

Oh crap, she is tick off.  He made no comment.

I discovered why Mom left”

His Brows rose instantly, “What?”

Alice Millsom has something on her.”

How?  Josette never let anyone get to involved with her family.

Tell me everything?” He disliked the woman by the second.

Well, remember how Mom came to Valentines very sudden and pissed?”  

How could he not, one week she is alive and the next week, a reckless driver runs  into her car, which kills her instantly. Leaving his eighteen years old niece, motherless and alone in this hard harsh world.

Oh course.” he said, “Go on.”

Something happen with her and the new sheriff.”

 “Do you know the sheriff’s name?”

Yes, I heard Alice Millsom say Troy Chase.” she said noticing her uncle go tense and his face turn this bright red. “What’s wrong?”

Troy Chase is here, impossible!  “Oh nothing.” he said in an evenly tone.

The last time he seen his ex- brother-in-law law/cousin,Was ten years ago in Portsomville, Marcus was investigating Troy’s employer, a prime suspect in a case,which caused an uproar with the loss of ta family member. 

Hm…, I wonder if Auntie Cassandra got him this job?  He realize there  no way he could stop his niece from  meeting Troy Chase in town nor discovering the truth. “What else did Alice Millsom say?” he asked soberly.

That was it.” she said, “So, who is Troy Chase?”

“ A  friend who worked for your Gramps.” 

Oh, I see now.” she mumbled, “In other words he is an agent at Starlet.” 

Marcus knew mentioning her step grandfather had made her stop questioning him, even though, she adored James St. Thomas. She careless for the detective agency, which she told him flatly. This did not bother him  as she long as she called him Gramps.

Right, he once worked there.” Marcus said dully, before changing the subject, “How would you like some company here for a day or two?”

“It depends on who it is.”

Me.” he said casually with this boyish smile, “I have business here and need a place to stay.”

Are you kidding me?” Stephanie asked, “Alice Millsom and Helen Whitney is…” 

 “Sure you can stay.” As she stood up to go inside her home. 

What are you up to, Stephanie Rose?” Marcus asked.
“Oh, nothing, Marcus.” Stephanie said sweetly, “You’re welcome to stay on two conditions.”

Oh great. With a sigh, he folded his arms now, “What are they?”

One you will  help me clean out the attic.” She stepped into her living room, “And don’t touch my kitchen!”

 “Deal.” he called out to her “This is going to be very interesting.”

 Oh, you do not know the half of it, Marcus Antoine. A voice echoed to him.

Okay, this part I want the reader to wonder what is going to happen next.

I might add more description or do a rewrite.

Oh well, on to Chapter 10.


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