My Writing: Day Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four

Okay,I am going to write about something a little different but it on writing.  Today, I was going to start on my Chapter 9 but things did not go as plan.

For one thing my computer decided to act up when I say act up I mean, it shut off while I was editing chapter 9.  No, I was saying to myself. But lucky  it came back on and I was able to get back to editing.

Oh, I think I need to make a chart on how long I spend on editing  my Chapters. Something I should have done a few months back. But no I had to wait just like my outlining, which is giving me a headache. But I am getting there.

Well, Back to editing and Chapter 9.


One thought on “My Writing: Day Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four

  1. Having a computer shut down while you’re in the middle of writing has to be one of the most frustrating experiences ever. I once had my laptop stolen while I was traveling and writing in China. It was like a death in the family.


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