My Chapter 7 and Ideas

Okay, after looking over this chapter again I feel okay with the editing and grammar. But I may have miss some words.  I put my little notes were I feel it may need some changes.

Chapter 7: The News (Okay, I might have to change this title. Until I change it i will leave it alone for now.)

Reynolds’ ranch

It was quarter eight then a call came to the fair-skinned, sandy brown-haired, five foot five, young rancher, “What do you mean Maria St. Rose has not returned yet!” he exclaimed in a strong southern drawl, into his cell phone. “Yes,she can take care of herself.” Pausing, “Look, when she checks in let me know, William.”With this, he hanged up, his cell phone and glanced out the bay window towards the western sky, which was turning a pinkish and purplish color. Sadness settled over him.  (I think I might have to either look over this part again. For some reason I find it is too long and the sunset description does not show how he really feel.)   

His cousin’s detective disappearance made matter worse. Where can she be? He glanced towards the clock now. They were suppose to be at Alice Millsom’s dinner party.“No, telling what she will say,” he mumbled walking towards his desk.
At the entrance to the study, the eighty-nine years old woman heard her nephew and came up with a plan. She walked in and said in her grandmotherly voice, “Hank, we do not need to go anywhere tonight.”
At the sight of his grand-aunt pale weary face,Alice Millsom vanish and replaced with concern for his aunt. “Are you feeling well, Aunt Cassandra?” he asked next her.
“Of course.”she said smiling.”I am just tired.”

“I am sure Alice Millsom will understand.”He doubted this, the woman is trouble.
I careless what she thought! Alice Millsom was
beginning to annoy her “Of course.” Cassandra mumbled “Has Maria return yet?”
“No, she has not return yet.” he said calmly,“You know how afternoon, traffic can be.”
“Oh yes.” she said.
You will never see her again, Cassandra Rose! female’s voice said echoed in her conscious.
She is stun still for a moment.
“Are you feeling okay, Aunt Cassandra?” he asked noticing her pale face.
“Oh yes, “she said bravely, “My old bones are aching.”
He came to her side now, “Do you need help?”
“Oh no, child.”Smiling to her nephew, “Good night.”
“Goodnight.” he said following her to the stairs, and waited until she reached her bedroom door.

A minute later in his study again, “How soon can you get here?” he asked in a sober tone in his cell phone, “Good.”


(Okay, I might keep some sentence in the next few paragraphs but I have not made up my mind yet.  Good thing I am looking over this paragraph again. If I had not I would not have found two paragraphs copy twice. )

The short-haired brunette seen everything. Now, she hurried to find her sister and fiancé. Without knocking on the den door, she found them in a heated kiss.. “Oh, don’t y’all know how to lock the door!”
“Rosa!” they both exclaimed, moving apart to the far end of the sofa.

“We were just kissing.” the fair-skinned, slim figure flat chest blonde said, smoothing her hair and black leather mini skirt.

Yeah right. Ignoring her sister’s murderous glare. She glance towards his piercing green eyes now, “Your aunts are making a scene,” she said.

“So, what is new?” he asked.

Unbelievable!she took this very seriously and spoke
up, “Catherina.”

“Oh, do not worry,Rosa,” her older sister said casually, ‘‘They can be outrageous for their ages.”
“What happen?” Jake asked curious now.
“Oh, someone gate crashed the party.” Rosa said, “She told Mrs. Alice how snobbish she is.”

“What!” Catherina Abbott exclaimed, she had witness the older woman wrath first hand and stayed out of her way.
Who is she? A deep empty pitted feeling form in his stomach now, he ignored it altogether. Nobody have enough nerves. Well one person.Ms Josette? “Who is this person?”

“Oh someone name, Stephanie Patterson,” she said casually, “Mrs. Alice and Mrs. Helen were talking on her mother, then things broke loose.” She paused, “Allen Soulet isn’t the bookstore owner.”

Catherina Abbott notice Jake’s facial expression, turn grim, “Is something wrong, sweetie?” she asked worried.

“I am fine.” He glance towards Rosa “Are you sure that is her name?”

“Yes, I’m sure.” Why was he so interested in this strange woman?

“So, what were they saying ?” Catherina asked curious now.

“They are gossiping on her late mother.” Rosa said.
Jake nearly choked on his drink. “No way.”
“Jake, who was this person?”Catherina said noticing a mix emotion in his green eyes.

How can he explain Josette Pattersom relation to him.She was the only person who cared for him after his own mother and father died in a freak boating accident fifteen years ago. “I’ll tell you later, Cat.” He left the study.

Okay, I think I am ready to go on to the next Chapter. 


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