My High School Memories: Homecoming

Okay, while I am rewriting my Chapter and Ideas post I decided to write about one of my school high school memory, since this was homecoming week for most high school in my area.

I thought back to my freshmen year and homecoming week, which I remember real good.   I had on the wrong color shirt on homecoming day.

Oh, it is not a good idea to wear the other team color. How could I have known this? Oh, I follow sports but I did not know the other high school team color nor my new shirt would cause some seniors to have a fit. Meaning football players.

That was my embarrassing moment and to top it off  some football players told their quarterback, who I knew very well.  One thing I remember he said to them,  I did not know the other team school color, which was true and to not bother me about my mistake.

No one made any comment after this and I went to my other classes without anyone bothering. But I did get strange stares.

And to think that was twenty years ago. How time pass by fast.

Now  back to My Writing Day Nineteen and Twenty,


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