My Chapter 6 and Ideas

Okay, I had to  edit a little more in this Chapter.  I did find a few errors with some grammar and missing words. I am beginning to think this will be another rough draft.

Oh boy, not again I thought I was finish with the rough draft. I guess I am not.

Chapter 6: The Shock

Helen Wheeler pale complexion face became red as a red pepper, surely not!
“Oh my sweet heaven,” Mary said cheerfully taking her hands, “It’s really you, Stephanie Rose.”

“Hello Mrs. Freds.”Ignoring Helen’s outburst. “How are you?”

“Good Dear.” Mary said smiling. My heaven, she is Anastasia’s granddaughter “And you?”

“I’m fine.” Stephanie said noticing how silent the other two women become.

No! Alice Millsom thought bitterly, as the floor beneath her feet opened and swallowed her plans.“Why Steffi, I did not recognize you,” she said in a sober tone, “I see you lost some weight.”

Stephanie smiled and returned the insult, “I see you have gained it Mrs. Millsom.”

Stunned, Alice face turned a deep shade of red. Before she could comment Helen found her voice.

“Who invited you to this private party?”she said loudly, the crowd next to the buffet table stopped and look.

Nancy St.Pierre known the moment her two-step sisters found Stephanie here; they show their claws and hearing the weight remark.The fire under the pot is getting hotter.
“I did.” Nancy Pierre said automatically from behind them.With her hand on her slim waistline, “You got a problem with this, Helen?”

Hm, I should have known! Alice glancing towards her half-sister, who was in a revealing sheer lace black shirt with a tank top beneath it and black jeans. The nerves, of her coming here in that outfit for her age!As pure jealously soared,“You had no right! Alice exclaimed with a cold-hearted glare.

The forty-nine years older woman just ignored her half sister, who was jealous of how she looked.”Of course, I have every right to.” Nancy said a smile spread across her face, while her blue eyes glared back with a challenged towards her half sisters.”Since Stephanie is the guest of honor” With this brilliant,smile now, “Is that right,dear?

Oh boy, Ms Nancy sure can stirrup a bee’s hive.Stephanie thought with confident; she glanced straight towards Alice and Helen.“You are right,” she said smiling,“I am the new bookstore owner.”
“That’s preposterous!”Helen exclaimed, “I have met Allen Soulet.”
“You and your mother were nuisance here.” Alice exploded now.

Mary Freds spoke up, “Now, Alice and Helen, we do not want to make a scene here.”

“Oh, be quiet Mary,” Alice said point- blank,
“This is my home I say what I want to whoever is here.”

In a flash her eyes darken a bit towards them and  the pin-up anger surface,

“No, you be quiet Alice Millsom. “You have no right to talk on my late mother that way.” Stephanie said boldly, “Y’all two are immature, snobbish, self righteous, jealous …” Her words hung in the air,  a couple of glance their way, surprised by the outburst. (Okay, maybe I added to many words in this part but I wanted to give an idea to what was being said. I might be cutting some words out of here.)
Regaining her control and Nancy’s approval smile, “Now, if y’all will excuse me, I need air.”

My goodness, she has grown out of her shyness. Nancy  realized she could handle the truth of her destiny. “Go right ahead, Stephanie.”
In the foyer entrance, Carrie had witness and sensed the strong vibes coming towards the spot where Stephanie Pattersom and the four women stood. Oh crap, she is one of them.

(Oh boy, it is when the last name is different from the one I was using in the beginning of my novel. Now I have to look again)

If only I can get my characters names right and I still have 14 chapters to go.

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