My Writing: Day Eighteen

Oh boy, it is one of those days that I am doing three things at once. Yes, editing, correcting my mistakes and looking for my next chapter page in my files. And not to mention everything going wrong with my characters.

It seems that one of my characters in chapter six has more details than the main character and this is bugging me. Why does this character have more details when I  only gave it a brief scene.

Oh boy,  Come to think of it this character do not last long in the next few chapters or I could keep this character. But never know with me.

I never thought Chapter Six would be the hardest Chapter to edit. When I edited it the first time I may have missed some details on two or characters. But now I am looking closely at my characters and their description. I hope I do not rewrite the whole chapter.

Well, on  to getting Chapter six done.


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