My Chapter Four and Ideas

Okay after a heck day I finally finish editing and fixing my chapter pages. But I may have miss some words. I just hope I did not.

Chapter 4 : Clues 
She was running through this dark eerie forest in search of something unknown to her.
“Keep going Gwenlyn,”a voice said to her, “You need to find her.”

“Who?” she mumbled, as she passed a large crowd in this strange courtyard.
Without thinking she hurried up the stone stairs and stopped in front of a huge wooden door.
“Just tell him!” the male voice said gravely.
“No Gawain!” the female voice exclaimed with authority.
Gwenlyn listen for a moment and froze when the door open to the five foot seven stranger.
“Damn you woman.” he mumbled.”How did you get up here!”

“Show him your hand, child.”A male voice said.
Without hesitation, she did so and he bow to her.
“You finally came,” he mumbled. “At last I can rest”

“Oh, my heavens.” Her look-alike said amaze now.

With this comment, the dream ended with a thump. From the vehicle she was in.
“Who is Gawain?” she mumbled in a low tone.

Gus Fergus stiffed at the familiar name and glanced towards the backseat, “Watch it boy,” he said to the younger man, who drove fast on these dirt roads.”We would like to see tomorrow.”

“Hm, you won’t hurt me,” she said full awake now, feeling her face flush at the thought of who brought to her uncle’s truck.“What happen?”

“Someone shot at us.” Alisa Fergus said next to her.“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she said, “Mr.Fergus?”

“We are fine, lassie.”he said concerned while he gave the driver a suspicious glance. No, ranch hand he knew carried weapon nor quick in an emergency. He is either a cop or a P.I “If Wind Dancer had not come as he did, we still be trap.”

You will never be trap, Princess… A voice echoed in her mind.
He agreed the older man was right for once. He glanced into the mirror and met Gwenlyn’s green eyes. Damn, why should he care?

(Okay, Now right here I probably might needed to make this a new chapter but I will look over it again to make sure. It is one of those hack days to finish this chapter to go to the next one. Before I decide to really  change these paragraphs again.)

At seven o’clock Stephanie drove up the long driveway,where huge large pine and pecan trees stood on each side of the two acre property. Hmm, nothing changed. What in the heck! She took a double take towards a bright yellow house.
Oh wow! Stepping out of her car and onto the stone walk way the lead to the front entrance.
“Hello and welcome,” A young petite brown-haired woman, in a catering uniform said at the foyer entrance, a second later.
Stephanie stared into sea green eyes. “Hello,” Stephanie said politely, “Are you all right, Miss?”

“Oh yes, I been here since six o’clock.” she said curious, “You’re new here?”
“No, I been away.” she said smiling. “I am Stephanie Pattersom.”

“Carrie Redstone of Redstone Catering,” she said surprised, “Nice meeting you, Carrie.” Stephanie said walking away.
“Oh yes.” Carrie Redstone said with this smile but her eyes glared her back, as she went into the living room. “So, she is back..” With this comment, she placed a fake smile on her face as a couple approached the entrance now.

The five foot four sandy-haired stranger stood near the fireplace when he saw her enter the room, he was not one to notice younger women or intrigue by them. But this brunette woman had. Her velvet green summer dress that went to her ankle to the leather black boots, she worn. Her long brown hair in a single braid and loop earrings made her look mysterious. Nevertheless, who is she? Troy Chase knew everyone in Estherville, Louisiana, from the day he won the election as their new sheriff, four years ago.She made him of his grandmother Anastasia Chase.He caught a slight chill as he remembered his lovely sweet grandmother and how determined she could be.Before his cell phone rung. Damn, I guess I will have to wait to meet her.

(Okay I have to put that my location place-name may change I still need to think about it. I probably changed this name about two-time now. 

Her nerves shook by the time she entered the large living room.
Orange wall,this was odd for Alice Millsom. Hmm, I wonder what Jake and Hawk thought of this color.Noticing the ferns near the large bay windows and fireplace.
Her nerves shook by the time she entered the large living room.
Orange wall,this was odd for Alice Millsom. Hmm, I wonder what Jake and Hawk thought of this color.Noticing the ferns near the large bay windows and fireplace.
There she noticed a medium built, sandy brown-haired, evenly tanned man stare her way; But, only for a second he reached for his cell phone.
To her surprise, he noticed her presence. Oh, sure she knew everyone. But none made any acquaintance with her.
The only three she will be happy to see, is Mr Albert and his wife Emma Reynolds and her best friend Jake; who were not present.
Hmm… Did Mr. Albert finally tell Alice Millsom off for good? With a smile she went towards the buffet table in the far corner of the dining room but three women blocked her path.

(Okay, I  have to take another look at this paragraph, until  the description of the  stranger is a little better. I just added this part  a few months back while I was editing  it. ) 



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