My Writing: Day Fourteen

Okay, while I am  editing my Chapter, I decided to write something different while tackling my chapter 5 and 6.

Well, tonight while I was editing or trying to,  a memory of my freshman year of high school came to my mind and my psychical science teacher  Ms T. Out of all my teachers, she was the one who encouraged me to keep on writing, no matter how tough it got.

She always  encouraged her student not matter what they did in life. She was a trust friend and when someone needed a friend she was one of the best friend to have and talk to.

Each time I feel like my writing is taking too long with editing and redoing paragraphs.  I think of her and how happy she would be to know that I am doing what I like.

Well, on to my Chapter 5 and 6 which is taking longer than expected.

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