My Chapter Two and Ideas: Part Two

Okay, after a few hours and editing  I think I am finish with  this Chapter. But I might glance  once more for any errors.

In this chapter I want readers to have an idea of what is going on with one of my main character and how she feels for being back in her home. But I also want to leave a little mystery.

Chapter Two : Home Again

Three hours was how long it took Stephanie Patterson to get to her hometown of Esterville, Louisiana and another hour to get settled in her childhood home. A peach color, three bedroom, two bath house with chip white trimming.  Something she will to paint in the near future. (Okay, I think this description sounds much better than the one I posted.)

The cool air-conditioned living room made her smiling, as promised her friend Allen Soulet had gotten in touch with the electrical company for her, before heading back to his home in Valentines last Friday.
With the last box in her spare bedroom, this will be her office. She plugged in a cordless phones and the base in her living room.Glancing around the large living room , she forgot how dull and boring it looked without any pictures on the greenish walls.  Her mother’s ivy plants absent on the bay window’s sill had an effect.
Oh well, I guess I could find houseplants. She silently thought, glancing towards the stretch of gravel road, which lead towards farmland, and fields that were private.
With a sigh, the only person missing is her mother, who passed away four years ago.
This was same time the local collage rejected Stephanie’s application.But no sooner did this happen, another collage accepted her with no question asks.  From that day, she never looked back towards Esterville. Within a few months after her fall semester started, her mother moved there herself. Their reunion short lived for a week later her life ended in tragic, which still this puzzled Stephanie.

She made a promise to herself, to finish her major in business and open a bookstore, which turned out to be successful. Stephanie Patterson was no failure. She knew some older folks will dislike her bookstore sign: Mystic Red Rose.

She named her store after her Grandaunt Josephina Soulet art gallery, on the riverfront of Valentines.  Her grand aunt had been delighted and designed  the logo.( Okay, I had a little trouble with this part I wanted to delete it but I decided to keep it.)
Red Roses in circlet of green leaves with Celtic design had been perfect for her store style.

Beep! Beep! A black car pulled into her driveway.
It took her a second to recognized, the medium height curly haired brunette woman who came out of her car with a basket in one hand.
A second later Stephanie hugged her mother’s friend, Nancy St. Pierre.  “Oh, Ms. Nancy, you never change.”
“Of course not dear,” she said with this southern twang, “I bought Pecan Praline fudge.”
Oh yes, I am  home.  Nancy St. Pierre is the one who knew when to bring snacks and talk.    “Oh thank you,” she said, “How are you and your family?”

“We are doing well.” Nancy said eyeing her younger friend, “How are you feeling being back here?”
“It is different without Mom,” Stephanie said soberly, “But I am glad to be back and opening my store.”
“Oh, speaking of your store,” Nancy hesitating a bit, “Alice is throwing a welcome to the community dinner party tonight for Allen Soulet, the bookstore owner.”
“What!” she exclaimed.
“Alice seemed to be interested in Allen Soulet.” Nancy  said,  “You have to come to the party.”
The image of her cousin running and hiding from the older woman came to mind.  “Ms Nancy, you know how I feel about Alice Millsom.”
“Don’t we know?” Nancy mumbled with her arms folded now.
The trouble started when Josette Patterson, a single young woman, moved into Esterville with her five years old daughter. Many of Esterville locals disliked the idea of an unwed mother in their town, including Alice Millsom  and her sister Helen Whitney.
Stephanie suspected , that is until a few years back.With the help of Nancy St. Pierre, they figured out the real reason.    Alice Millsom and the other women feared Josette Patterson of stealing their husbands away from them. But her mother kept her distance from the local ranchers.
Stephanie knew her mother been hurt by the man, who abandon them those many years ago. When it came to Stephanie’s friends, her mother became overprotective and guarded.  Only Ms. Nancy’s nephew Jake Bertrand had her trust.  It was shame his step-aunt is Alice Millsom.  Her mother did not care, her thought  had been on the boy whom parent had been lost.
“Give me two reasons why I should go?”
A bright smile cross her face making her looks years younger. “Will one good reason do?” she said in a matter of fact voice, “I want to see Alice’s facial expression when learns the truth.”
You will never find the truth. A hateful voice echoed in her mind.
“Well Stephanie?” Nancy asked unaware of her friend’s discomfort.
No one tells me what to do! She ignored the cruel comment. “Sure, I’ll go.” A chill passed near her arms now.  What will go wrong?

And on to Chapter Three.


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