Chapter One and Ideas: Part 2

Okay, I decided to put the rest of Chapter one on here and look over it again. I will probably have to do another edit with it.

CHAPTER ONE: The CASE( This title is bugging me a bit.) 

Loud music played in the shadowy smoke-filled bar room, on the north side of the small southern town of Estherville, Louisiana. Here a young curly-haired brunette woman with violet eyes met a dark-haired, tanned, bearded, six-foot stranger, with eyes that was as dark as the midnight sky, at the far end corner table. She thought by sitting here, they have a normal conversation and not attract attention. Boy, was she wrong, leave it to her partner, of four years, to draw in every lonely women in this place.
She had to admit his tight dark tee shirt, shown his bicep muscles and those tight black jeans made him look sexy. This made any women have fantasy including her. His blue eyes warned them off.

For a moment, he reminded her of William Scott Tagenet, one of her great- something- granduncle on her mother’s side .But she never questioned one of Starlet, a top-notch security/ detective agency, agent on his past and family.This have drawn suspicious of her own, which she kept well hidden from him and her employer for four years now.
William WindDancer attention was  on their surroundings.There he saw a few locals on the dance floor. They were too busy to pay attention to them. “So, what did you find Maria?”
“Someone is interested in the client family painting and a diary.”she observed his reaction. “They are willing to pay big bucks for both.”
The painting and diary in question belonged to their clients’ family for hundreds of years or longer. If she was not mistaken these items held the key to destroy her own family. But her partner did not realize this or their connection to the curse her great-great grandmother placed on them.
His eyes met her violet eyes, “Who?” he asked in a sober tone.
“Oh, I have my suspicious.” Saying the suspect’s name in this place could draw suspicious to her and her partner.
Damn! She knew he hated guessing games.He wondered if she did this to annoy him.” Which place and day?”
“Same time tomorrow night,” she said with a mischief smile, “Relax Will.”

Okay, this is the part I have problems with, I want to describe the scene

“To know thy truth you must learn your true destiny.” A dark haired woman said, in a long velvet purple dress, to the auburn haired teenager girl.
“What is my true destiny?” she asked, in her sub- conscience mind, as they stood next to the lake in an unfamiliar valley.
A mahogany color book with golden trimming appeared out of nowhere. There she seen a griffin on its cover.
“You must open this book!” another woman exclaimed anxiously. Her green eyes were pleading to the teenager but she could not touch this young girl.
“It’s not time yet,” strawberry blonde haired child with green eyes said in front of her now. “Soon you’ll have the truth.”
“Truth to what?” she asked awaken to the sound of an approaching vehicle. Crap, who is that? She pushed her curtain aside and recognized the ranch hand’s truck.I should have known it was him. She turned on her side and went back to sleep.
Ten miles way, a young woman had just fallen into a deep sleep when her dream came…
She was in a white gown and running from an unknown figure, in a dark eerie forest.A thick dead branch lashed towards her. As she went deeper, she ran faster until she reached a crystal pond that looked familiar. “I am home.”

“No, you’re not home, Stephanie Rose. “ A voice echoed into the wind.
“Where is this place?” she asked.
“When you stop running you will realize.” The wind echoed from behind her.
Without thinking, she turned around and came face to face with a faceless figure, with emerald eyes. Her childhood fear stood there. She met its eyes and said, “I am not afraid of you!”
“Oh, but Regina should be!” exclaimed a furious voice.
“She is not Regina.” the woman said, “Come my dear we must go now.”
They moved towards a lone castle on a green hillside now. She took a step towards the gate when a mysterious knight, with a golden falcon on his chest appeared.
He was five foot seven with a handsome youthful face but his golden brown eyes held hatrad. “You are not supposed to be here!”
“Yes she is, gatekeeper,”the woman said automatically.
“Show him your bracelet, Stephanie Rose.” Another voice said.
Without hesitating or glancing towards her side, she showed the knight her bracelet.
“So, she has finally come.” he said soberly, “You may enter my fair Princess, but be warn there are those who will try to stop you at every angle.”
“You must know the truth, Stephanie Rose.” the woman said with an approval smile.

(Oh boy, I read this part and I will be changing some parts. And the editing never seem to stop. 

The scenery changed to a cavern where the walls shone  with diamonds and crystals. Walking deeper into the cavern, she came across men and women surrounding a pinkish stone on a cobblestone table.
Nobody seen her.
Her heart skipped a beat when her eyes met the five foot seven, handsome dark haired, bearded man who broke thepinkish stone with a glowing sword.  Six pieces laid on the table now.
“Only six can break thy curse,” the woman said as they left this cavern.
Now, they stood in a huge barn were a blacksmith melted iron that form a small circle.  Strange, she felt the heat on her arm and recognized it.
My bracelet! She thought to herself as the scenery began to fade.
“No,” A male voice exclaimed in sorrow, “I won’t lose you again, Regina.”
“You have to awake up now, Stephanie!” the auburn haired woman said as a humming sound was  heard.
Instantly, she returned to her body with her heart pounding fast, she was afraid to move. Something pressed in between her shoulder blade for what felt to be hours than seconds.
She took a deep breath and started mumbling, “I am not afraid.”
It let go after a second and she opened her eyes to total darkness.
“Why is this happening again?” she mumbled drain now.
Patience, Stephanie Rose. A voice echoed.

(I just cut a huge paragraph here.)

Moon Isle ( When I came up with this location  I thought of a shape of the new moon.)

He sat near his fireplace in his dark study drinking scotch when the flame sparked up. Making his golden eyes stare into the flame. Of a distance time and place.
A chill passed over him as he realize the time had come once more to break the curse.

Okay, I look over it a few times, But I may have miss some words.


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