My Prologue and Ideas

Okay, after looking over my Prologue pages once more, I decided to re write it and place below. I a little nervous about this new Prologue page draft. Even thought I have edited it five time. I might have missed something.  If I did feel free to let me know in a comment.

Prologue: The Curse( I may change this part to Betrayal, not to sure just yet.)

From the high bluish cobblestone tower, stood an auburn woman watching the evening sky turned pinkish and purplish.
A storm is brewing. She blamed herself for not heeling her older sister warning of the plot her grandson planned. Now her homeland and those she loved were gone forever.
The reason he kept her live, was for information on the legendary wisdom stone whereabouts. Her son did mention it to him. But he never mentioned the curse or the deadly price.
With sigh, she shook her head in despair. She will never break her vows in locating the stones nor the price she will pay. For what it’s worth, he could go insane trying to find it.

This is the part I have rewritten, not quite sure if I will keep this part or just delete it.


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